Executive Summary

Artificial Intelligence technologies and products have been developed and verified to optimise the electricity system for increased penetration of renewable energy.

EPR partners are leading AI and power grid analysis technology development: Metrum Sweden (leading partner), STRI, MälarEnergi and Glava Energy Center (Sweden), Eltek and Rejlers Embriq (Norway) and Enerjisa and Enerjisa Başkent-Ayedaş-Toroslar Elektrik Dağitim (Turkey).

EPR demonstrated that AI and PR is usable for analysis of the grid. Proving project objectives: AI can significantly improve stability, flexibility and capacity of the power system by finding hidden information and creating predictions.

Combining AI with simple calculations is optimal. “Big data” are already available from several sources, eg smart meters & PQ metering, but good data quality and data verification is critical. EPR developed visualisation tools, enabling clients to realise the value: savings potential.

Several partners exploit EPRs results in new products and continue in new areas of research and collaboration.

Regulators should set incentives towards solutions that avoid future problems, enabling increased share of renewables ánd set standards for metering based on requirements for analysis, not only billing.

Project duration: 01.03.2016 - 28.02.2018

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Thank you for all support

We want to thank all our partners, sponsors, reference group members, clients and others who have shown interest and shared views and ideas. Without you, we would not have been able to deliver these great results.


Managing partner was

Metrum, Sweden

Project Partners were

Eltek, Norway

Rejlers Embriq, Norway

Enerjisa, Turkey

Glava Energy Center, Sweden

MälarEnergi, Sweden

STRI, Sweden

Funding partners were

Smart Grids Plus ERA-Net

Swedish Energy Agency

The Research Council of Norway



Horizon 2020

Other contributing organisations were

- Prediktor
- Municipality of Arvika
- Pöyry
- University of Borås
- University of Dalarna
- Karlstad University

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