Multi-tool visualises grid utilisation rate and consumption patterns

A web-based prototype multi-tool based on PR technology that visualizes and forecasts electrical grid capacities and identifies potential flexibility. Showing the power grid’s various levels, this tool is valuable for network planning, operation and maintenance. Combining with data from other sources increases the value further and enables monitoring of the LV grid, suggest measures, validate data, perform risk analyses and help market actors adhere to regulatory requirements. The tool will also benefit other stakeholders (traders, property owners, aggregators and suppliers) and enable new business models, such as local energy markets.

Managing partner was

Metrum, Sweden

Project Partners were

Eltek, Norway

Rejlers Embriq, Norway

Enerjisa, Turkey

Glava Energy Center, Sweden

MälarEnergi, Sweden

STRI, Sweden

Funding partners were

Smart Grids Plus ERA-Net

Swedish Energy Agency

The Research Council of Norway


Horizon 2020

Other contributing organisations were

- Prediktor
- Municipality of Arvika
- Pöyry
- University of Borås
- University of Dalarna
- Karlstad University


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