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The ongoing changes of production and consumption in the power system requires a better understanding, This work package will explore measurement and pattern recognition methods and techniques for analysis in order to enable a more effective use of the power system. WP3 will develop, test and validate different methods to identify unwanted events in the power system, suggest recommendations for the development of predictive maintenance indicators and to enable the integration of renewable electricity production and increase flexibility.

Update 2017-06-16:

Developing a multifunctional tool for advanced analysis of events in the grid

WP3 wants to be able to provide the service to both visualise and forecast electrical grid capacities and identify potential flexibility.Having such an overview and analyses of the grid’s various levels could be a valuable support for network planning, operation and maintenance.

WP3 also sees potential in optimising investments and cutting costs for grid operators.

Such a multifunction tool would also benefit other stakeholders, such as electricity traders, property owners, aggregators and suppliers, and create opportunities for new business models.

WP Leader:
David Westerlund
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Embriq, Norway


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Project Manager:
Michiel van Asseldonk
+46 (0) 70 259 6344

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