Work packages

WP2: Proactive Maintenance


There is a large need for automatic asset management in order for the grid owners to be able to streamline preventive maintenance. The power quality measurement and new pro-active trend analysis can possibly detect incipient faults at a very early stage.

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WP3: Power Consumption Studies through Pattern Recognition

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The ongoing changes of production and consumption in the power system requires a better understanding, This work package will explore measurement and pattern recognition methods and techniques for analysis in order to enable a more effective use of the power system. WP3 will develop, test and validate different methods to identify unwanted events in the power system, suggest recommendations for the development of predictive maintenance indicators and to enable the integration of renewable electricity production and increase flexibility.

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WP5: Power Regulation by Voltage Control

wp5 Distribution Voltage regulators

Investigate the relationship between changes in voltage and power in order to estimate how much power can be regulated under the applicable regulations and under the consideration that no voltage variations cause damage or disturbances.

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WP6: Hosting Capacity

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STRI’s Hosting Capacity methodology can be used to identify the maximum amount of new production or consumption that can be connected to a system without resulting in an unacceptable reduction of power quality, or adversely impacting other customers.

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WP7: Inertia evaluation and support

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The level of inertia in the power system has become a major challenge in many countries as the share of renewable production increases. At the same time, TSOs have challenges in assessing the actual amount of inertia operational in the system.

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