Workpackage leaders meets in Västerås, Sweden summing up two years of work in the EPR project. In February 2018 is it time to write the final report and keep fingers crossed for the new application of funding for the next project.

Summary of the meeting by Lars Olsson, Seniorit 

In the project we have established several external reference groups with members from several organizations in Sweden. The purpose with the external reference groups has been to get input from end-user organizations to create opportunities for disseminating information, knowledge sharing, identifying obstacles for implementation and creating opportunities for future projects.

During the project meeting in Västerås it was proposed to invite more stakeholders, such as utilities and regulators as “observers” in the early stage in the project, already during the preparation of the application. Together with observers, we can prepare the right products and services in a better way, to match the regulatory environment and in the end have more potential customers.

In order to have good commitment from observers we have established a relationship with a letter of intent (LOI). In that form, observers can contribute to the project with knowledge and resources specified in a joint application document.

We believe that this activity contributes to better stakeholders adoption in future projects.

/Lars Olsson

Managing partner was

Metrum, Sweden

Project Partners were

Eltek, Norway

Rejlers Embriq, Norway

Enerjisa, Turkey

Glava Energy Center, Sweden

MälarEnergi, Sweden

STRI, Sweden

Funding partners were

Smart Grids Plus ERA-Net

Swedish Energy Agency

The Research Council of Norway


Horizon 2020

Other contributing organisations were

- Prediktor
- Municipality of Arvika
- Pöyry
- University of Borås
- University of Dalarna
- Karlstad University


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