There is a large need for automatic asset management in order for the grid owners to be able to streamline preventive maintenance. The power quality measurement and new pro-active trend analysis can possibly detect incipient faults at a very early stage.

The theory for this work package is that new development including pattern recognition techniques can be used for pro-active trend analysis to minimize the total interruption time for the electrical grid. In this work package, solutions will be developed and tested to verify this assumption.

The work package will include two main areas below:
• PQ System Pro-Active Trend Analysis – using historical power quality data.
• PQ System Pro-Active Fault Analysis – using historical disturbance (waveform) data.

Update 2017-06-16: 

Release of first PRO-ACT module

Metrum has developed and released the first client module “METRUM PROACT” that was recently presented at the ELFACK-exhibition in Gothenburg 9-12 May. The PRO-ACT module is web-based and show the pro-active trend analysis data based on pattern recognition technique and that has been implemented during the ERA EPR project WP2.

Update 2017-11-30:

WP2 has focused on developing a first prototype solution based on the project scope – to get a new pro-active solution that uses AI and pattern recognition technique to make automatic forecasts of different power quality parameters. The development progress since August includes a total system solution on top of the earlier developed and released PROACT web client interface.

The system solution is based on a new automatic PR-service that continuously import historical measurement data from different measurement locations and sends it further on to the PR-module. The PR-module use pattern recognition technique to make automatic forecasts of the different selected parameters including Voltage, Power and Harmonics.

The PR-service deliver all forecasts to the PROACT web-client. The web-client continuously update both historical data plus the forecast that is made for each parameter. The PR-Service also check the alarm criteria for each parameter and show it in the PROACT-client if any forecast values is outside of the recommended limits. The standard limits used is set to selected national voltage quality standards like EN 50 160. 

Added to this solution is also an automatic MAPE-index calculation for each measurement unit and for each measurement parameter. The MAPE-index will show the reliability of the forecasts and is used for all pilot-installations that has been made within the EPR-project.

The WP2 prototype system has during this autumn also been installed at a number of demonstrators within the ERA EPR-project (as pilot-installations) and also for other selected utilities outside of the project to get valuable feedback from the future expected end-users.


WP Leader:
Robert Olofsson
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Metrum, Sweden

Managing partner was

Metrum, Sweden

Project Partners were

Eltek, Norway

Rejlers Embriq, Norway

Enerjisa, Turkey

Glava Energy Center, Sweden

MälarEnergi, Sweden

STRI, Sweden

Funding partners were

Smart Grids Plus ERA-Net

Swedish Energy Agency

The Research Council of Norway



Horizon 2020

Other contributing organisations were

- Prediktor
- Municipality of Arvika
- Pöyry
- University of Borås
- University of Dalarna
- Karlstad University


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