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In October 2016, the EPR project partners from Turkey, Norway and Sweden gathered for a 2-day workshop in Göteborg, Sweden.

Key themes were:

- Anchoring end-user involvement:

- Digging deeper into the three-layer approach (technology – stakeholder adoption – market environment) by identifying client cases in each Work Package: what challenged and specific concrete problems and issues can we solve with our technologies, products and services developed in the EPR project?

- Sharing first results and finding synergies between the 6 application areas:

  • A key milestone was achieved: the project data server is up and running!
  • First programming of pattern recognition in Python at Metrum in its WP2 was successful in predicting PQ trends, one step ahead to trend prediction and optimization and condition-based maintenance tools for grid operators
  • Embriq in its WP3 has presented first analyses of distribution company Falbygdens Energi’s consumer patterns and KPI levels indication the usage of the grid capacity in an area. EPR is now covering an entire part of the distribution grid, from power quality measurement in the feeding substation to the consumer’s energy meter. A first glimpse on data already gives a palette of applications such as energy loss measurements, grid capacity usage, all to lead to exciting visual tools for the grid operator.
  • In Glava Energy Center’s WP4, having installed a fancy new control system from Prediktor and a set of PQ measurements on the solar plant, the optimizing and fault detection with pattern recognition can now be developed. Combined with the brand new micro-grid electronics technology from Eltek, now being lab-tested and soon to be installed at Glava, EPR will create a high-end micro-grid and solar test center. We are delighted to now having Karlstad University on board adding further pattern recognition knowledge to the project.
  • At STRI and Mälarenergi’s WP5 and WP6: modeling at STRI is now ready to be coupled to actual PQ measurement at the Mälarenergi grid, to identify the opportunities and bottlenecks for renewable energy generation further fine-tuning the hosting-capacity methodology as a future tool for grid operators, as well as researching the interesting relation between voltage control and power regulation.

- Communication news:

  • The project’s communication plan is now ready!
  • We are already speaking at several conferences, follow our calendar on www.eprproject.eu
  • We are starting up the reference group in December: creating more end-user involvement and valuable feedback on our developments from our end-users!

See you at the next EPR project gathering in Norway, April 2017!

Managing partner was

Metrum, Sweden

Project Partners were

Eltek, Norway

Rejlers Embriq, Norway

Enerjisa, Turkey

Glava Energy Center, Sweden

MälarEnergi, Sweden

STRI, Sweden

Funding partners were

Smart Grids Plus ERA-Net

Swedish Energy Agency

The Research Council of Norway



Horizon 2020

Other contributing organisations were

- Prediktor
- Municipality of Arvika
- Pöyry
- University of Borås
- University of Dalarna
- Karlstad University


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