The project consists of 4 demonstrators; Demo 1 – Demo 4. These will be run on different geographic locations and are described under Partners/Project Partners.

Each demonstrator will have a main focus where a solution to a certain challenge is tested, developed and demonstrated. If possible these main challenges may be tested on some of the other demo sites as a secondary challenge. The demonstrators are correlated to the work packages described under Work Packages.

Same Metrum products, same measurements initially in all four demonstrators. Possibly different applications on these demonstrators in later stage. Different work packages use different data.

Demo 1 (Norway): Demonstrator in Falköping/Oslo focused on optimizing the grid through pattern recognizing of energy usage, power quality analysis, voltage regulation and advanced control of the low voltage grid. This demonstrator is correlated to WP 3 Consumption Studies through Pattern Recognition, which will be managed by Embriq.

Demo 2 (Turkey): Demonstrator in the area of Ankara focused on implementing an advanced control system of measuring and estimating inertia in order to be able to increase the hosting capacity and maximize the integration of renewable wind energy sources and distributed generation in the MV network. This demonstrator is correlated to WP 7 Inertia Support, which is managed by Enerjisa.

Demo 3 (Sweden): Demonstrator in Västerås focused on impact from Solar PV on the LV and MV grid. Automation, implementation of EV infrastructure, power quality measurement and advanced asset management including demand response with voltage control. This demonstrator is correlated with WP 2 Proactive Maintenance through Pattern Recognition, which is managed by Metrum and WP 5 Power Regulation by Voltage Control, which is managed by Mälarenergi.

Demo 4 (Sweden): Demonstrator in Glava/Arvika (Local energy system) focused on the optimization of Solar PV integration into the LV grids by using weather and load forecasts, flexible loads, energy storage and microgrids. Analysis methods of asset management on PV, inverters and energy storage will be performed. This demonstrator is correlated with WP 4 Local Energy Systems - Micro Grids, which is managed by Glava.

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