What is Pattern Recognition?

Pattern Recognition is a branch of machine learning that focuses on the recognition of patterns and regularities in data. Algorithms such as support vector machines, often trained by labeled training data, form its core. Today, the technology is used in many applications such as finger print recognition and in online search engines.

The EPR project will apply pattern recognition technology to power quality and other related electrical grid data such as smart energy meter readings to develop tools for grid operators and energy companies to optimise the power system and enable a higher share of renewable energy generation.

What will the project bring?

Pattern recognition technology in electrical grids helps tackle present and future challenges, e.g. distributed generation, power electronics, EVs, while:

• Keeping stability
• Increasing capacity
• Increasing flexibility
• Improved power quality and security of supply giving decreasing costs for interruptions

EPR actively contributes to the European knowledge community by forming a basis for further research in pattern recognition technology.

Presentations (pdf)

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Broschure: "Pattern recognition technology enables higher levels of renewables in the grid"

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